About Us

The Green Connexion is made up of a team of environmental activists and entrepreneurs with a mission to “Green” our global environment through connecting and supporting like-minded entrepreneurs.
The Green Connexion showcases the best, most innovative, and environmentally friendly Cannabis-related products South Africa has to offer.

The Green Connexion provides a platform for growers, inventors and Health Care practitioners within the emerging cannabis and greening solutions industries to showcase their talents and sell their products on a national and global scale.

The experienced team at The Green Connexion is here to help you with all greening, cultivating and natural remedy related queries you may have. Feel free to either walk into our store or give a call for your consultation.

Whether you are an experienced gardener with a personal relationship with Cannabis or you’re new to the scene, with no green thumb at all, The Green Connexion has you covered with all the knowledge and equipment you could ever need to get your grow into the light.

Our Team

JASON LAW – Jason is the owner and holds a National Diploma in landscape technology. He has 15 years experience of running a successful landscaping business and 20 years experience of cultivating and extracting cannabis. His skill set includes managing large teams of people and managing budgets. He is a keen photographer and amateur film-maker and spends most of his free time collecting environmental and nature footage. He has excellent social skills and can integrate with people from all cultures and walks of life. He has an infectious enthusiasm and knowledge about everything green.

SHANTI MBONDI – Shanti is the first person you’ll meet when you visit the crossways Green Connexion store. With a passion for all things Cannabis, Shanti is able to help you with all of your health care and Cannabis related requirements. Shanti is a keen entrepreneur with a heart to preserve isiXhosa culture.

THE DYL – He has a diploma in design and photography which he did in the United Kingdom. He is an infographic specialist and was an infographic specialist and photographic editor at a well-known media establishment for 6 years. The Dyl has been cultivating cannabis since he was a teenager and knows the in’s and out’s of the plant like the back of his hand. The Dyl prides himself on breeding new innovative cannabis strains. 

JOHN DURNO – John has been in the IT industry in various capacities since 1989, including part-time web design from 1997, moving full time into web development around 2004. During this time, he has been involved in interesting and challenging projects, from developing a large central reservation system from the ground up for a tourism agency’s call center (under a PTSD-level inducing deadline), to an online quote system for a UK life insurance company.

BRANDON REYNOLDS – Brandon is a digital artist with an extensive background in Video Production and Photography. Brandon is the quality control fundi checking that all products meet the Green Connexion standard. Brandon’s specialty in quality control is the recreational products, give him a pipe, new rolling paper, or a fine cured nug and he will give you a clear and realistic review related to all other products currently on the market.

Franchise opportunities available!

Join our team of Green Connexion stores and own your very own Green Connexion retail store in your hood. Get prepared for the full legalization of the sale of recreational cannabis in SA.

Franchise Opportunity:

– Shop Fitting & Interior Design.

– Full Turn-Key Solution to have your store running within weeks of signing up.

– The stock of 5 of Each shop floor products (List Available).

– The Green Connexion team provides comprehensive training on all available products and industry opportunities.

– Join the network and get your products online and in the other Green Connexion Stores Nation Wide.
(Contact us for pricing structures).