Jason Paul Norman Law holds a NDip in landscape technology. He has 4 years experience of running a successful landscaping business. He has experience in managing a small team of people and in managing budgets. He is a keen photographer and film-maker and spends most of his free time collecting hours of environmental and nature footage. He has excellent social skills and has the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. His infectious enthusiasm and knowledge about everything green makes him an ideal candidate for one of the main presenters.
African female - Unidentified black woman with an interior design and lifestyle background. She is young, funky and passionate and brings an element of a green fashion. She will interlink renewable technology to culture and combine the simplicity of living in an age old culture with new sustainable technologies. She will be dressed in African organic textiles and represent a woman of the earth.


Benjamin Stiffler holds a National Diploma in Landscape Technology and currently works for a large landscaping firm in Cape Town.. He is the landscape designer and a quality control specialist. He is a Swiss man who accepts only the highest quality. He is dressed smart casual and with a style which is very fashionable but at the same time environmentally conscious.
Niki Gower - Niki studied Film and Media at UCT as well as English and Sociology at the University of Fort Hare. He has taken an extended sabbatical from his studies to gain practical experience. In this time he has set up and currently runs Black Star Media & Marketing Enterprises and has done extensive independent and creative work.
Is a hard working landscaper who is full of life and love. He is very spiritual, a family man and believes that the preservation of the earth is his destiny. He is a leader who understands African culture and is well respected in his community. Currently is a site foreman working for Roots and Culture Landscape Design.


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Landscaping - Roots and Culture Landscape design team will do all installations of the landscape from permaculture systems to landscape rehabilitation and restoration.
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Sustainable energy solutions
- Specialized Solar Systems will manage all the sustainable energy installations and work hand in hand with the Green Scene Team. Visit their website to get more info on SSS.

Camilla Horrox - Camilla holds a BA Honours degree in English Language and Literature. She has six years experience in the ever evolving communications world. She spent four years as a published newspaper and broadcast journalist in the UK to then become Press and Media Communications Officer for international and national organisations. Previously she was the Wales wide Press and Media Officer for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and Communications Officer for Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. She is a real people person and excellent at communicating ideas through various mediums. Through her experience as a journalist she knows how to pitch ideas to different audiences and how to deal with press enquiries and maximise publicity. She is also qualified in EMarketing.

The rest of the team will be defined within the process of shooting the series and will be closely related to new available products and technologies.