1. Introduction to the Green Scene. We will give a rundown of the aims and objectives of the series and state what we believe in i.e. importance of sustainable living.

2. Meet the people who have been chosen to be GreenXfide. Compile a short history about them. Work out their ecological footprint. How many Earths would it take to sustain their way of life if every person on Earth lived like them?

3. The solution, sit round a table with specialists and work out what changes could be made to reduce ecological footprint. The emphasis will be on practical, affordable and sustainable solutions.

4. The makeover. Use of variety of technology, techniques, solutions:

• Solar panels
• Solar water heating
• Timers on geysers
• Wind power
• Gas stoves, rocket stove, insulating pans (slow cooking off heat)
• Regulator/batteries
• Invertors
• Solar lights
• Rain tanks
• Grey water tanks
• Septic tanks/compost toilets/ eco sanitation
• Rocket showers
• Recycling system
• Composting
• Vegetable patch
• Indigenous garden
• Simple products, wind up radios, shaker torches, solar mobile chargers
• Interior decorating using organic paints, recycled décor, revamping
• Organic foods in kitchen – health
• Natural cleaning products
• Natural beauty products
• Organic/natural clothing e.g. Hemp, organic cotton
• Natural medicines
• Transport
• Holidays
• Literature
• Entertainment
• Heating/ air conditioning systems
• Education
• DIY – make our own soaps, candles, bio-diesel
• Offices – reduce paper use, use both sides, only print when needed
• Babies/children – re-useable bamboo nappies, make own baby food, simple toys made from recycled products

5. Work out the new ecological footprint score after changes have been made.

6. Re-visit previous GreenXfide people to see how they’re getting on with their new lifestyle.

7. Tell people how to apply to be GreenXfide.



Over the next 18 months we will create a reality style green makeover series to be aired on a TV broadcasting channel in South Africa. If successful we hope to sell the concept to other countries. We will also have a comprehensive website which will provide people with all the information and equipment they require to make green improvements to their home and lifestyle.

The Green Scene will be successful and popular because we are taking a different approach compared to other shows that focus on the environment. We will be focusing on the small, realistic and affordable changes that the average person can make to benefit themselves and ultimately the planet. We will have a strong environmental message but it will be presented in a positive light so that the viewer does not feel hopeless and that it's too late to make a difference.

We are targeting a wide audience; basically the whole population but the people that will realistically benefit through the ideas will be the youth and young to middle age adults. We intend to be a BEE company and we have an African presenter who will appeal to the majority of our audience. Also the majority of the green makeovers will concentrate on previously disadvantaged social groups.

A short feature in each programme will focus on the people in impoverished communities who have naturally developed inventive ways of recycling and reusing household waste or who are growing their own food or other resourceful techniques.

The main educational focus will be included on the website. We will have educational learning pages on the website. The website will have environmental project pages which could fit in with current curriculum in SA schools, which can be downloaded by teachers. Quizzes and Environmentally green games could provide educational interactive pages for schools and kids.