A reality style TV series which hosts a team of greening specialists with a mission to greenX our global environment. The team will visit different members of the public, from going into a home/a school/business etc and give the place a “greenX makeover”. An ecological footprint for the place/family will be calculated and potential changes will be discussed to reduce this footprint. These changes will quickly be made by a team of specialists over a two week long period. Within this process, the public will be educated on a range of greening topics such as renewable energy, permaculture, recycling and lifestyle changes.

Equipment and materials to achieve these greenX makeovers will be donated by sponsors or bought using money from sponsors. In this process the sponsors will be promoted as businesses which are embracing the green conneXion and in return these businesses will be marketed and advertised accordingly.

Throughout the programme viewers will be shown practical ways of greening their home and lifestyles, inserts will give statistics and show why we all need to change and reduce our impact on the planet.

1. Renewable Energy (solar, wind, heating, air conditioning, lights etc)
2. Water management (drinking water, waste water disposal, water heating)
3. Garden (permaculture, indigenous plants, wetlands, biodiversity preservation)
4. Waste (recycling, composting, re-use of old products, consumerism)
5. Transport (encourage bicycles, less car use, bio-diesel, new technologies)
6. Lifestyle:
Food (cooking using less energy, organic, healthy, self sufficiency)
Interior design (certified sustainable wood, revamp old furniture, organic paints, recycled products)
Household products & cosmetics (natural products, washable bamboo nappies)
Entertainment (local holidays, movies, books, music, sports)
Environmentally friendly products (wind-up radios, shaker torches)