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The company was formed by Jason Law whilst studying Landscaping Technology at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town , South Africa. The concept initially emerged as a documentary series to address the need to educate the public on the harsh environmental impact of modern living.

The Green Connexion was born and soon grew to include Niki Gower and others, expanding the companies scientific, creative and technical expertise and experience. Through many months of research and production it became evident the primary focus would become the supply of products and services creating available solutions and sustainable content to provide and support the educational function of the documentary production.

The Green Scene will be successful and popular because we are taking a different approach compared to other shows that focus on the environment. We will be focusing on the small, realistic and affordable changes that the average person can make to benefit themselves and ultimately the planet. We will have a strong environmental message but it will be presented in a positive light so that the viewer does not feel hopeless and that it’s too late to make a difference. We are targeting a wide audience; basically the whole population but the people that will realistically benefit through the ideas will be the youth and young to middle age adults.

JASON LAW – Jason is the sales director and holds a National Diploma in landscape technology. He has 6 years experience of running a successful landscaping business. He has experience in managing a small team of people and in managing budgets. He is a keen photographer and amateur film-maker and spends most of his free time collecting hours of environmental and nature footage. He has excellent social skills and has the ability to communicate with people from all walks of life. He has an infectious enthusiasm and knowledge about everything which is green.
NIKI GOWER - Niki studied film and media at the University of Cape Town. He has done extensive freelance creative work as well as serving the corporate sector through his Black Star Marketing and Media Enterprises. Niki is the creative art media man; he represents the youth and ensures an element of surprise on the show. His roots are embedded deep in the earth but he understands our need for technology.